about Joel Rothman

Joel Rothman is the renowned author of almost 100 drum and percussion method books, many of which are among the most popular books used by teachers in private music studios as well as schools and universities worldwide.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Joel studied drums and percussion, as well as piano, with well-known teachers such as Sam Ulano, Ed Shaughnessey, Jim Chapin, Joe Morello, Saul Goodman, and others. He first opened his own private drum studio, then later, after graduating from university, he taught in the New York City school system for many years. During that time Joel was a free-lance drummer playing with various bands and orchestras at private functions, nightclubs and musical shows.

Writing his first book at fifteen, Joel also established his own highly successful publishing company JR Publications, which has been going for over half a century. For many years he continued to teach, write, publish and promote his books, which form a unique system for learning to play drums.

Aside from music method books for percussion instruments, Joel did a stint as a standup comic, and he has written dozens of humor books for both adults and children, as well as quiz books, word finder books and crossword puzzle books.

In 1977, Joel moved from New York City to England in order to help promote his books in Europe. He remained there and now resides in London with his English wife. At present Joel continues to write and publish books--he also has an extensive teaching practice mostly for intermediate, advanced and professional players who flock to him from all over Europe to learn to read, play shows, develop technique for breaks and solos, as well as coordination for rock and jazz. His system of books has helped to develop some of the finest drummers heard playing today.

The following drum and percussion method books cover just about every aspect of learning to play the instrument. Each book is carefully crafted and specifically written to overcome particular problems in a clear, easy-to-read, logical and developmental progression. Topics covered include, basic drumming, stick control, breaks and solos, rudiments, basic beats for playing with a dance band,  reading music for big band , show or orchestral playing, two,three and four way coordination for rock and jazz, as well as marching drumming. Most of the titles depict the contents of the book, but short blurbs underneath each one will also help you to understand what material will be found inside. The blurb also tells you if the book is intended for beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional players.